"Bild Am Sonntag", Germany, 21 January 1996

      BAMS: You've left Deep Purple three times. Why the again the return? Call of the dollars?

GILLAN: the band-name is a trademark, and of course I like to earn money. But the band always played an important role for me, even if I hated it. But I have no defense against this love/hate.

      BAMS: A union for the whole life - like a marriage ?

GILLAN: No, I'm married with music and my wife. With Deep Purple it's like with a mistress - You could have good sex from time to time.

      BAMS: The reasons for the earlier disputes with the band ?

GILLAN: Struggles for Power. When I returned tow years ago, there was a big quarrel with Ritchie Blackmore. He tried to change the whole band, play Pop-music with Deep Purple. He acted like the big boss - that fed up the others.

      BAMS: What do You think about Ritchie today ?

GILLAN: I don't care about him. He does his own thing with Rainbow - and that's good for him. And especially for us.

      BAMS: Are there differences to the last record "The Battle Rages On" ?

GILLAN: The last record was poor, a nightmare. This time it was easier. Finally wer're sounding again like Deep Purple. I never listened to one of our records as often as to the new one at home.

      BAMS: Did Your deplorable family always have to listen to Your music ?

GILLAN: No, my twelfe years old daughter is a big fan of East 17 and Whitney Houston. But she knews all the lyrics of the Deep Purple songs.

      BAMS: Do You sing with Your daughter in a duet ?

GILLAN (laughing): Of course, it sounds phantastic. If it sometimes doesn't work further with Deep Purple, I will go to a studio with her.

      BAMS: In march, You'll be on the road again, doing an extra-round with the rock-dinos...

GILLAN: I hope it will not be the last. When this band is playing, I would like to jump into the audience and listen - so much joy means their music to me.