01.09.00, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Luna Park Stadium

      Yes , I was there ( a few hours ago ) I only slept in the bus.
      I'm very mad and ashamed, about 8000 fans very interested in the " whole " concert but a few stupids, perhaps not more than 10 or 20 didn't stay quite in the low parts. This could be noticed easily, the rest of the crowd in silence and music very low and quiet. I hope you understand me.
      The band, real professionals and the " Sinfonica de Buenos Aires " suffered these stupids who were not patient , they seem to be unable to enjoy Pictured Within or the Concerto For Group And Orchestra movements. They stayed quiet in the loud parts but in the low parts you could hear some stupids yelling.... a real shame. Of course it's only a minimum percent, but as there is some parts which are very silenced these 10 or 20 stupids were heared very " loudly ". I'm sorry, this might not be of your interests but I'm really ashamed because of those stupids, of course the Band and the Orchestra were great.
      In the first two songs there were some sound problems, the Orchestra was a bit low and there were some problems with Miller Anderson's microphone.
      Let's go to the set list and the show, I will send my review to The Highway Star :

-Deep Purple with guests : Ronnie James Dio / Miller Anderson

-Sinfonica de Buenos Aires ( about 80 musicians ) conducted by Paul Mann

-Sep 1 2000 - Estadio Luna Park ( Luna Park Stadium ) Buenos Aires Argentina

-Started : Sep 1 2000 at 22:00 hrs lt ( right on time )

-Finished : Sep 2 2000 at 00:30 hrs lt ( approx )

Part 1

Intro Sinfonica de Buenos Aires
Pictured Within ( Miller Anderson )
Sitting In A Dream ( Dio )
Love Is All ( Dio )
Magica ( Dio ) * I don't know the name of the song
Rainbow In The Dark ( Dio )
Via Miami ( Gillan )
That's Why God Is Singing The Blues ( Gillan )
Wring That Neck ( Paice )

Part 2

Concerto For Group And Orchestra Movements I II III
Ted The Mechanic
Watching The Sky
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Pictures Of Home

Encore : Smoke On The Water ( again Dio on stage !! like in IC with LSO )

      Very good show, the 2nd gig for sure will be better than the 1st one obviously some corrections will be made soundwise and they will know each other better.
      The Band, the Guests and The Orchestra were really great, very professional and respectfull. I'm really sad or perhaps ashamed about those 10 or 20 stupids making noise or whistling in the classical slow/low parts.
      It's great to see DP playing Dio's music.