15.10.00, Frankfurt, Germany

Christian Rutz,, 19.10.00

      Just some thoughts of mine on the DP show in Frankfurt.

     Sound: from my position not very good, way too loud, when the band was playing the orchestra was barely audible and the sound in general was not very clear, it was at times hard to hear the individual instruments.
      Audience: I estimate 6000-7000 people, for a change everyone behaved well during the concerto.


Pictured Within
Sitting in a Dream
Love is All
Fever Dream
Rainbow in the Dark
Wring that Neck
When a Blind Man cries
Ted the mechanic
Guitar String
Pictures of Home
Sometimes I feel like screaming
Perfect Strangers
Smoke on the Water
Black Night
Highway Star

The show lasted around 170 min.

Personal comments:

     Well, I won't bore you with details since the coverage of the current tour has been exhaustive so just some special points I noted down for myself.
      The DIO-Songs: Rainbow in the Dark gained much imho with Jon's Hammond added, though I liked Fever Dreams better when I saw Ronnie with his band.
      Fools: I very appreciated Fools played live (first time for me) but I think that Steve's guitar solo, though very good, is not consistent with the mood of the song, to me it felt like two totally different pieces tacked together. I hope he changes his part for the next time I'm going to see them.
      When a blind man cries: A brilliant version.
      Guitar String: Very pleasant surprise and I enjoyed this a lot.
      Perfect Strangers: My personal highlight of the show, the song is powerful as is and the orchestra added some extra punch. Absolutely amazing.
      Black Night: Here my usual complaints about the setlist. I understand that SotW has to be played, but why in all the world again BN?? I was a bit annoyed last year when Seventh Heaven was replaced by BN, here I'm even more confused since not a single song from Abandon was performed, not one. Come on guys, the combination of SH and HS has worked good as encores the few times I saw it performed, do me the favor.
      That's about it, I'm looking forward to see the band again in Dortmund on 29.