04.10.00, Hell, Norway
Hell Blues

Ian Parry-Jones,, 05.10.00.

      Well i was at the show, and have read the review..
      The "journalist" used the headline "meaningless" which may describe his feelings about the show, but I'd guess that 95% of those who actually paid cash to be there would disagree.
      My thoughts on the show?? Dio was excellent, Paicey's "Wring That Neck" was again a highlight, as was Jon and Miller's performance of "Pictured Within". Gillan was in good form, "fools" was astounding (first time I've seen it live). I felt Jon was a little low in the mix, put he did some sterling work. Morse was his usual brilliant self, just a shame that the mix didn't allow the guitar/keyboard balance to shine... RG was steady as a rock...the man is a real pro.
      Compared to the two RAH gigs I saw last year then this was a slight disappointment, mainly because the venue (an aircraft hangar!) didn't really match the grandeur of the Albert Hall..
      After the show a few of us were lucky enough to witness a real treat at the Rica Hell Hotel..
      The promoter of the show had booked a conferance room there to celebrate his 40th birthday, he'd also hired the norwegian purple cover band "elements"..after a short set by them (3 tracks) 5 gentlemen took to the stage and performed an unrehearsed but wonderfully enjoyable set of blues and rock'n'roll numbers..they played for between 60 and 90 minutes i'd guess but i was having so much fun i didn't look at my watch...

      The band was:

Drums-Ian Paice
Bass,Vocals-Roger Glover
Organ,Vocals-Tony Ashton
Guitar,Vocals-Bernie Marsden
Guitar,Vocals-Miller Andersen

      I'll put som pictures up somewhere when I get them developed.
Time to get ready for the looong drive to Gothenburg!