07.10.00, Stockholm, Sweden
Globe Arena

Heino Heikki,

      I finally saw Purple again! The trip to Stockholm was tough, I didn't sleep enough, and spent more money than I should have, but it was worth it.
      The gig started at 8 p.m. Jon introduced Paul Mann and the Romanian symphony orchestra, and told that both gentle and not-so-gentle music will be performed. I guess the set was the same as it was in earlier dates, so I'll just say that

* Ted the Mechanic, Perfect Strangers, SOTW, and Dio's Rainbow in the Dark were giggest crowd pleasers

* Wring That Neck really swung

* They played a bit too loud (or am I just getting old...) At times it was almost impossible to hear the Orchestra.

* Sports halls like Globen aren't the best possible places for concerts like this

* I just wonder how they can afford this short tour. It just can't be profitable, transporting an entire orchestra and everything...

      It was great to see other Purple fans both before and after the gig. You really made the weekend a lot more enjoyable - especially the loooong 11-hour trip from Stockholm to Turku. You know who you are - thanks!