Glenn Hughes
03.11.00, Hamburg, Germany

Karl-Heinz Baier,, 05.10.00.

      After seeing Deep Purple with Orchestra in that great Hamburg-Concerto, I friday had the chance to see Glenn Hughes - first time live in Hamburg, together with Michael Schenker and U.F.O. (Double-Concert).
      It was the first time I saw Glenn, although I'm a deep fan since many years! The last years he was / is a real "workoholic". His latest release "R.O.C.K." is very outstanding!
      I missed the support act "Moon Dog", because of parking-place-searching in Hamburg-Altona. But I've heard they were not so good and played only 20 minutes.
      After a short break, Glenn and his R.O.C.K.-trio entered the stage. The place was nearly sold out, I think. About 1000 people.

The really heavy trio was:

Glenn: Bass and Vocals
Joakim "J.J." Marsh: Guitar
Gery Ferguson: Drums.

- NO Keyboards -

      The audience loved Glenn from the first song on. He was singing by the grace of God! He's is really one of the greatest voices of Rock. And he sang over several octaves until the highest tones and screams. He still is able to sing as in Purple days. And everone was beware of the fun he had. He put the audience in iron. To observe his face-mimic was really exciting. BTW he was really small, but sporty, he really looks like a 30 year old guy.
      He's also an incredible bassplayer. The second best bassplayerr I've seen (with exception of Colin Hodgkinson - but he's the bass-god IMO). I'm very glad that he plays the bass himself again. Great riffs and sounds. Sometimes very deep and groovy, sometimes really funky.
      J. J. Marsh played very fine, but reserved. A very talented young guitarrist (23 years old, swedish guy). Gerry Fergusson also played great (as expected, he is proffesional).
      To be honest: on the Purple song I really don't missed David Coverdale (Sorry, David). But sometimes I had liked to hear a hammond (eg: "Burn", "State I'm In")
      But as a trio they were incredible. The sound was very good. I stand in the third row, directlly in front of Glenn. The audience went furious and backed him by singig every refrain! There was al lot of applause and the audience of course wanted a encore. Which would become "Burn". Unfortunately they played only 60 Minutes because it was a double-feature.

The setlist:

State I'm In ("R.O.C.K.")
Midnight Meditated ("R.O.C.K.")
Gone ("R.O.C.K." and Black Sabbath "7th. Star")
Might Just Take Your Live (Deep Purple)
Muscle And Blood (Hughes / Thrall)
Medusa (!!!) (Trapeze)
Short medley - "Owed To 'G'" and other DP-Pieces as intro to "Gettin' Tighter" (Deep Purple; edited "Foxbat"-version!!!)
You Keep On Moving (Deep Purple)


Burn (Deep Purple)

       A 60 minute Purple-overdose! Grandiose! My highlights: "Gone", what a breathtaking live-song. Sabbath-sound, great sung by Glenn. "Medusa" - suprise of the night! Glenn really sung like on the 1971-original from Trapeze! "Gettin' Tighter" with a great middle-part like on Foxbat, and a fantastic ending-sequence with really funky screams. One of my favourite DP-Songs. "You Keep On Moving", with an incredible high-tone-ending from Glenn's voice! And "Burn", because of the atmosphere in the audience!
       After a too long break U.F.O. came on stage (Michael Schenker, Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Aynsley Dunbar and a very young unknown Rhythm-guitarrist / keyboarder). Originally I was lucky to see them. But unfortunately they were not able to topp Glenn Hughes. It was really boring and not professional. Schenker was boring (pity) and Mogg was no frontman. There were no higlights up to the encores ("Doctor Doctor", "Rock Bottom" and "Lights Out"). So I and many other (also UFO-fans) left the venue during the set to regenerate ourselves.
       The only highlight was to see Pete Way on bass. He was the only frontman (remember: he's the bassplayer). What a small, long guy. His arms reached until his knees. And he plays very wild (also behind his neck) .
       Many people in the audience didn't know Glenn Hughes, because they came for UFO - but many of them said to me that Glenn was much better. If you are able to see him next days - do it! It's really worth the 40DM.
       Would like to have a recording of it ;-) I'm looking for a real solo-tour in Germany in 2001. I will be there!